This is much like picking the right wallpaper

This is much like picking the right wallpaper. The next option and one similar in price to fabric vertical blinds are cellular verticals. I would highly recommend these to anyone interested in improving the energy efficiency of a room. In general, cellular vertical blinds offer a 20 percent increase in energy efficiency over standard verticals. This is pretty significant. So, if you live in a hot or cold environment (or both depending on the season), cellular verticals are the way to go. Cellular verticals come in a variety of choices, similar to the fabric and vinyl verticals. But, they also come in lace if you are into that look. The last two vertical blind options are aluminum and faux wood. Aluminum verticals are on the high end of the price spectrum. They come in brushed or bright finishes that can add a very modern, clean look. In the right room, aluminum verticals can look great. Faux wood verticals are relatively inexpensive and are a great choice for a room that already has wood or faux wood blinds. Another option to consider, outside of vertical blinds are sliding window panels, also known as panel track blinds, or panel tracks. Panel tracks use overlapping fabric panels that glide on a wheeled track system. The panels range in width from approximately 48” to 192” and in lengths to fit most windows and sliding doors. The panels, which are obviously wider then most vertical blind panels, are composed of fabric, woven wood or a solar screen material. If you want a warmer, natural look go with one of the woven wood materials. The choices here are very similar to bamboo shades or woven wood shades with materials like, bamboo, grasses, matchstick, or a combination.

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